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معاني الكلمات المركبة

"Idioms and Two-or Three-Word Verbs". هذه الكلمات قد تضع بعض الصعوبة لبعض متعلمي اللغة الانجليزية لسببين مهمين ألا و هما: لكثرة وجودهم و تكرارهم في المحادثات و الامتحانات، هذا بالإضافة لصعوبة إيجاد و تخمين معانيهم من الكلمات التي تحتويها.، رأيت من المهم جدا تواجد هذا الدرس من بين دروس اللغة الإنجليزية.


About time: indicates that something should have happened earlier.
المعنى بالعربي: حان الوقت
Example: After working for this company for 3 years, he felt that it was about time he received a promotion.

About to: ready to, at the point of.
المعنى بالعربي: يتحضر أو يتجهز
Example: Now that she is about to enter college, she has moved out of her parents’ house.

Ahead of time: early, in advance.
المعنى بالعربي: مسبقا
Example: Preparing for presentations ahead of time is important for the success of any business.

All along: from the beginning, always, all the time.
المعنى بالعربي: من البداية
Example: Television networks have declared all along that they do not attempt to influence their watchers.

All at once: suddenly, surprisingly, and unexpectedly.
المعنى بالعربي: حدوث أكثر من شيء في وقت واحد و بشكل مفاجئ
Example: All at once, with the collapse of the stock market, many people found themselves financially bankrupt.

All day long: the entire day.
المعنى بالعربي: طوال اليوم.
Example: Educators frequently insist on the idea of studying the same material all day long.

All in all: everything taken into account, everything considered.
المعنى بالعربي: كل شيء بالحسبان.
Example: All in all, environmental concerns have got considerable attention in the media.

All the time: (1) continually, regularly. (2) During a certain period of time.
المعنى بالعربي: طوال الوقت.
Example: Adults should receive a consistent amount of sleep all the time.
المعنى بالعربي: خلال مدة محددة من الوقت.
Example: This semester, students have been dropping and adding courses all the time.

As for: referring to, concerning, regarding.
المعنى بالعربي: بالعودة إلى أو بالرجوع إلى
Example: As for updating the chemistry curriculum, the current budget is not enough to expand our recourses.

As usual: as occurs most of the time, typically.
المعنى بالعربي: في مجمل الوقت.
Example: As usual, the publishers have missed the deadline for handling of the new edition of the book.

At first: at the beginning.
المعنى بالعربي: في البداية.
Example: At first, adjusting to new schools may seem almost impossible to foreign students.

At last: finally, after along time.
المعنى بالعربي: بالنهاية.
Example: The admissions office had been requesting English books for 5 months and, at last, it arrived.

At (the) least: no less than, minimum.
المعنى بالعربي: على الأقل.
Example: Although the entire staff does not need to attend the meeting, at least the production supervisors should be there.

At (the) most: maximum, not more than.
المعنى بالعربي: على الأكثر.
Example: A letter sent by first-class mail should take at most three days to travel from California to Boston

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